Why become a member of S.A. DaVinci?

First of all we offer you fun distractions from school and many chances to meet new people during those activities. We’re here to give you the time of your life during the four years you’ll be studying here in Venlo. Enjoy evenings out for fun theme parties, cool activities like laser tag and bowling and karting and of course our annual events like the beer cantus and our Christmas gala.

Of course, these parties and activities are open to non-members as well, but as a member you can take advantage of our member discount, which is usually about 10% to 20% on average. To add to that you get a S.A. DaVinci pass which will allow you to get your beer and soda for €1,50 and wine for €2,- in De Gouden Tijger and John Doe, our favourite bars. When there is a paid wardrobe in either of the two bars you can exchange your coat for a free shot. This discount does not only apply on evenings when S.A. DaVinci is present in either of these bars, but also any night you decide to go out with your friends. Just show your S.A. DaVinci pass and you can enjoy your drink with the sweet taste of discount. This discount does not count during 1+1 at John Doe. This discount will be valid in John Doe after midnight.

You also get a 20% discount at Bonaparte and Café Bruxelles, this works the same just show your S.A. DaVinci pass at checkout.

However, when you’re a member you can also take part in activities which are only meant for members or you’ll have priority over non-members. Activities like the Active Member Weekend and DaVinSki.

During the Active Member Weekend we’ll take you out for a weekend full of exciting activities linked to one theme for an even better bonding experience. Don’t expect to get any sleep though, you’ll be out with your beer all night. ;)

DaVinSki is our annual skitrip and takes place around February. Together with the other participants, you’ll travel to The Alps for a long weekend of skiing or snowboarding. And don’t forget the Aprés Ski parties, they’re a big part of the trip too! This activity is open to both members and non-members, but as a S.A. DaVinci member you’ll get priority during the enrollment.

S.A. DaVinci also organises Thursday Afternoon Drinks during which you get the chance to chill out after school. And during March (the month of networking) you can enlarge your network and add new contacts to your list. Also, we allow you to get in touch with our sponsors in case you need an internship during your third or fourth year.

Of course, there is a question that occurs quickly when we’re talking about student associations. Do you have to participate in a initiation ceremony?

We as S.A. DaVinci want to offer you the best time of your life and that includes giving you the choice in whether or not you want to participate in our activities. We don’t force you into anything. There is no initiation ceremony you need to take part in, and you can become a member any time in the year.

All responsibilities you carry during your membership is to pay your annual contribution fee in time and, if you sign up for an activity, to pay for those in time as well. Of course, we would like to see you there often because that would mean you’re using your membership well, but you do not have to.

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