DaVinci would not be possible without our sponsors and partners. Below you can find an overview of our sponsors and partners. If you would like to sponsor DaVinci, please contact us.


John Doe

S.A. DaVinci has chosen to continue its ongoing partnership with John Doe. John Doe, being our favourite local pub, is the place where our association can be found after teambuilding activities or just for any party in general. The benefits that come with this partnership is a fair amount of discount on your drinks, which you can obtain only if you have a DaVinci sticker on your student card. You will receive this sticker as a part of your enrolment. Should you lose it after that: replacement fee is set at 20 euro.


Fellowmind is one of the leading IT-consultancies developing dedicated software in the Microsoft Platform. With the aim of making its client well-equipped for the future. Over 30 years, Fellowmind has been a well-respected name within the ERP world, as a specialist in the optimization of business processes. At our locations in Venlo and Deventer, a team of over 180 motivated and disciplined professionals work on exciting projects on a daily basis. The array of clientele providing these projects varies from: metal, construction, machinery-and engineering, automotive and rubber-and plastic industries. As DaVinci’s main sponsor, Fellowmind is looking forward to a mutually advantageous cooperation out of which great things may come forth!

Fontys Venlo

Fontys Venlo stands for personal, international and practical. At Fontys Venlo, students have the choice between economic, educational, ICT, logistics and technical training. Our sources are small scale in nature. Each student receives a study career counsellor. This is a teacher who supports and guides you throughout the study. He or she is a contact partner in general and personal questions.

We give the opportunity to put our own accent in the chosen study. For example, lessons wil be taught in Dutch and you will do a (possibly international) internship. It is also possible to take part of the course at one of our partner universities abroad.

Our courses are optimally adapted to the (EU) regional and (inter)national markets. We have excellent contact with companies operating at European level. This includes companies from the Venlo region and the border region! These contacts enable a practical training for our students.


AppComm makes mobile apps, webshops and custom webtools. A selection of all project can be seen on our website. We regurlary have new vacancies for part-timers, full-timers and internships.

Inther Group

Inther Group is a specialist in the design and turnkey delivery of integrated warehousing and order picking systems. The automation suite (Inther LC) developed by Inther always plays a central role in this. Inther listens, designs, delivers, integrates and bears 100 percent final responsibility for his projects.

Working at Inther is working with professional colleagues in an informal environment with a lot of freedom. Teamwork is always central, as is the passion for technology. Inther Group offers both good primary and secondary employment conditions

Moreover, we have weekly drinks at our own bar, legendary Inther parties and the best team activities!

Within the organization, you get a lot of space for your knowledge, craftsmanship and ideas. In addition, we pay a lot of attention to development and career opportunities. We challenge you to think out-of-the-box and bring out the best in yourself, not only for yourself but also for the team. With us you will not find formal situations and box thinking but room for knowledge sharing and cool ideas.

Connect Ways B.V.

Connect Ways believes that flexibility is a key factor for further technological development within the entire ecosystem. They offer flexible solutions to facilitate the necessary progress. At Connect Ways, a career change is never taken for granted. Changing jobs or moving to a new country is a life-changing step. Therefore, Connect Ways takes just that step further, by guiding you through this complicated process.


Mifa Aluminium B.V.

Mifa in Venlo specialises in the production of aluminium extrusion profiles. We produce completely finished precision products with size tolerances from ± 0.02 mm. With this accuracy, we offer our customers unprecedented possibilities.

Mifa currently has around the 325 employees. Our international high-tech working environment enables our employees to continue their development. The markets we supply are demanding marketts such as automotive, aerospace, electronics and the medical industry. In these markets, we work for several top clients, including Airbus, KTM and Porsche.

Main sponsor VVV-Venlo eSports

Mifa also continues to lead the way for young people, students and professionals in a special way. As the main sponsor of VVV-Venlo eSports, Mifa organises Mifa FIFA tournaments especially for this target group, so that they can show off their technical skills.

Career and internship opportunities

It’s good to know that at Mifa you get every opportunity to develop yourself. We are happy to invest in you by offering courses and training. At Mifa we offer you the opportunity to continue to grow.

At Mifa, (technical) students and pupils also get the chance to further develop their talent. During their studies, we offer students and pupils the opportunity to become familiar with our field of expertise: aluminium technology and precision extrusion in particular. As an accredited training company, Mifa Aluminium offers various work experience placements for technical students at MBO and HBO level every semester. These include the mechanical engineering and technical business administration programmes.

Every year, about twenty trainees carry out interesting work placement and graduation studies. They are intensively supervised by one of our experienced trainee trainers. There is even the possibility of eventually progressing from a work placement to a permanent position within Mifa Aluminium.

Would you also like to work in an international high-tech environment and have an affinity with technology? Then take a look at our vacancies at

Come and work at HANOS!

Are you looking for a new job at our head office, in our distribution centres or at one of our branches? Click on the link below to view our vacancies. Is your ideal job not listed?

About HANOS.

HANOS was established in 1975 as a cash-and-carry wholesaler for Apeldoorn and the surrounding area. In 1980 the decision was made to expand the range of fresh fish, meat and fruit and vegetables (potatoes, vegetables and fruit), so that restaurant and hospitality entrepreneurs could do all their shopping under one roof, the so-called one-stop shopping. In 1982, HANOS also started with a delivery service and chose the course of an international catering wholesaler, because the demand for foreign fresh products increased explosively. Since 1989 HANOS has been importing wines from various wineries all over the world.

Brix housing

Brix Housing is the largest independent housing agency for students in the Venlo region. We guarantee excellent accommodation, at reliable landlords, against a fair price.

From our experience we know how hard it can be to find a nice student room or apartment. You have to deal with shady agents, awful accommodations, ridiculous prices and illegal extra fees.

Brix housing procedures are completely transparent and we refuse to work with memberships, absurd rental prices, hidden fees, waiting lists and special favors. Makes sense, right? We just call that: ‘Housing made simple’!

Meet the Youngsters

Meet the Youngsters is THE online career platform for young professionals, students and alumni in the Southeast of the Netherlands. The career platform gives you the opportunity to get in touch with innovative and inspiring employers.

Many challenging internships, traineeships and starter jobs that offer you great job opportunities, as a young business talent. Would you like to start your career and know what opportunities they have in store for you? Sign up now, create your personal profile and get started!

How does it work? Go to and create your profile. Once you have created your profile, you will be matched with companies that suit your personal professional interests. You’ll instantly have several matches! Would you like to start your career at a company that suits you? Have a look at the Meet the Youngsters platform!


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