DaVinci would not be possible without our sponsors and partners. Below you can find an overview of our sponsors and partners. If you would like to sponsor DaVinci, please contact us.

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Leadsponsor: John Doe

John Doe is our favorite local bar to hang out at, with a great diversity of parties, events, or just your casual night of going out. And the best of all… because John Doe is one of our sponsors, you’ll get a discount when you are a member of S.A. DaVinci! By showing your member card at the bar, you can take advantage of prices like beer and soda for €2,00 and mixed drinks for €4,00.

But that’s not all! Additional to the discounts you’ll get at John Doe, you can also use the member card at de Gouden Tijger, Bonaparte, and Bruxelles. These prices for drinks also apply at de Gouden Tijger during the nights out or events! At last, you’ll receive a discount of 20% on the bill at Bonaparte, Bruxelles, and for the restaurant part of de Gouden Tijger. In the mood to go for a drink or a good meal? Come by our sponsor sometimes and make use of the discounts!
More info on our advantages, read here.

You will receive this membercard as a part of your enrolment. Should you lose it after that: replacement fee is set at 20 euro.

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Leadsponsor: Rivez Assurantiën & Risicobeheer B.V.

Rivez is one of the main sponsors of our association for the next two years. They celebrate their 25th anniversary this year and have several insurance offices in North-Limburg and South-East Brabant, including a branch in Venlo. Rivez supports our association because they applaud the fact that we can make the best and most beautiful memories during this unforgettable period in our lives.

The contribution of Rivez in this can be that they help you create financial peace of mind, because that makes celebrating a party just that little bit nicer. The specialists of Rivez are strong in giving (financial) advice that is tailored to your personal situation, whether it’s about your insurance package, a mortgage or smart insights to finance your dreams, such as that world trip or a home of your own. They also regularly have vacancies or opportunities for a side job. Besides, they also like to party, so they look forward to meeting you in person during our activities!

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Connect Ways B.V.

Connect :-: Ways is a consultancy firm offering technical consultancy and engineering solutions to its clients. In the fast-changing environment we live in, constantly putting pressure on people and technical projects, Connect :-: Ways ​is focusing on enabling the innovation requested by the market while enhancing the adaptability of our teams in a smart and stressless way.

Our domains of expertise are: Mechanical / Electronics / Mechatronics / Electrical engineering / Manufacturing services / Field services / Automation

What do we have to offer to young graduates?

  • A safe and stimulating work environment:
    • A mentor to support you on technical level
    • A professional coach to guide you in your career
    • A dedicated Business Manager to follow/support you on your projects
    • A caring mindset: the art of standing still and a good work-life balance to reduce stress and (re)focus on the essential
  • Tools to grow & be in control of your own career development:
    • A personal training budget of 2000€/year for professional and personal growth
    • A supportive & flexible career path to inspire and guide you
    • A dynamic remuneration system to reward initiatives and growth
    • A real interest in your personal ambitions and goals to integrate it to your plan

What kind of projects can you expect from us?

Each connector has his/her own plan and ambition, and our goal is to help you to be successful with it. Each path is unique! Before joining us, you will be asked for your preferences regarding industries and technical challenges, but we also want to know what motivates you, gives you energy. Based on your wish list, we will find a first project for you. Your plan will evolve with time and experience, and we will work on it together.

Here is a list of projects that we have done with young graduates, but, once again, it is important to understand that it is just an indication:

  • Commission engineer: Commission a biogas upgradable unit internationally
  • Mechatronics engineer: Design a palletizing unit
  • Manufacturing engineer: develop tooling for fabricating trucks
  • Prototyping engineer: assemble and test state of the art systems

Let’s meet to discuss it more into details!

For more information about Connect Ways, click here!

Essity Operations Gennep B.V. & Essity Operations Cuijk B.V.

The name Essity may not immediately ring a bell, but you certainly know our brands. We make TENA, Tork, Libresse, Edet, Tempo and many more. We have numerous production locations worldwide and in the region we are located in Gennep and Cuijk!

In our modern production facilities we work on impactful products realized on high-tech machines. We have created an environment where we challenge our people, but never leave them to their own devices.

We offer challenging internships and a traineeship, in which young professionals can develop themselves personally and professionally.

We are convinced that collaborations like this will strengthen the future of talent development in the region. We are therefore very much looking forward to getting to know you!

For more information about Essity, click here!

Meet the Youngsters

Meet the Youngsters is a sponsor of ours that focuses on connecting us as students with the business world. The company was created to connect young people (secondary education to university) in a targeted way with companies in the (Eu)region.

Through our platform we show what great companies there are in the (Eu)region, making young people choose a career in the (Eu)region. Through the platform, young people build a network of (Eu)regional companies, and companies build a network of young talent. Young people use this network to find a suitable school assignment, part-time job, internship, traineeship, or starter job. Companies can do a follow-up after the activities, such as guest lessons, escape rooms, virtual reality experiences,s or other events.

The Meet the Youngsters database now contains more than 800 companies from the (Eu) region and more than 15,000 young people have already created a profile. These are pupils, students, and Young professionals (up to 3 years of work experience from secondary education to university).

Establishing a strong brand as an employer requires constant effort. With actions and communication. Both internally and externally. On the right channels for your future target group.

How does it work? Go to and create your profile. Once you have created your profile, you will be matched with companies that suit your personal professional interests. You’ll instantly have several matches! Would you like to start your career at a company that suits you? Have a look at the Meet the Youngsters platform!

For more information about Meet the Youngsters, click here!


Our story
Two young entrepreneurs started in 2006 with the online sale of products on a small scale on different platforms. This proved to be a great success. During this period of massive growth, we also created our own brand and started producing our own vidaXL branded products. The number of products grew exponentially, and the next logical step was to start selling in more countries on our own web shops. Our success is in the sourcing of products and offering these products at competitive prices. We continuously look for new cost-reducing measures, without compromising on quality or sustainability.

Our business
We do market research and find out what kind of products are in high demand. Once that’s determined, we negotiate with factories that produce these produces, after which we purchase them in bulk – directly from the source. Because of this process we’re able to influence the design and packaging of the products, which allows us to optimise the entire process – and this means that in the end, you, our customer, will pay a very reasonable price for our products.

We also have our own factory where we produce several types of chipboard furniture. For these products, we have even more say in the entire production process, which again makes the price you pay as our customer very favourable.

Our goal
Customers are becoming more and more price conscious, and vidaXL facilitates this development by offering products for in and around the house at competitive prices. We aim to make all these products accessible to as many customers as possible.

Our customers
We sell our products to customers in 29 European countries, the United States and Australia, and are always hard at work to expand and reach even more customers. We also offer customer service in the native language of all the countries that we are active in.

Our promise
As a customer of vidaXL you can hold us to the following promises:

  • Good price
    There’s nothing we dislike more than spending too much money, and we’re sure we’re not alone in this. By keeping complete control over the supply and production process we’ll always be able to offer our products at a good price.
  • Good service
    Our customer service is excellent. If you have any questions about a product, shipping or payment, our customer service agents are always ready to help you out in your native language. Delivery and returns are always free. And of course, if something goes wrong (as we are human, after all) we promise to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.
  • Good feeling
    Shopping at vidaXL should make you feel good, and we promise you that shopping on our web shops will always give you the rush of finding a great deal.

For more information about VidaXL, click here!

Canon Production Printing

Welcome to Canon Production Printing!
We develop and manufacture high-tech printing products and consumables for the commercial printing market.

We’re not talking about the printers you have in your (home) office, but printing machines we sell B2B. Did you know that when you order a book online, your book will probably be printed on demand on a Canon Production Printing printer? Did you also know that we also develop and manufacture our own ink, toners, and other consumables? And is so much more to discover!

Who you are
You are a team pioneer, proactive, and strive for the best. You want to keep learning. You don’t take the easiest route, but set high standards and strive for the best results. You are committed, full of ideas, and take responsibility for your choices. You are willing to go out of your comfort zone with an open mind, take the lead, and get others on board.

What we believe in
We believe that collaboration brings out the best in people: if you grow, we all grow. Diversity and inclusiveness are important: by working together as one, we color the world of printing. We are driven to create breakthrough technologies and believe that we can only remain the best if our people are given the freedom to act. That’s why we give people responsibility and the opportunity to work on something they truly believe in.

What we offer
We offer the space to create the extraordinary in multidisciplinary and intercultural teams. You get the freedom to be creative in an organization with short lines of communication. We invest in your personal development and give you the opportunity to pioneer. But above all, we challenge you to perform, learn and have fun. You can be part of a winning team, celebrate your successes, and set new goals. We give you the opportunity to color your own career!


Does this sound like an interesting environment for you? We thought so!
We offer jobs, internships, and graduate studies in a variety of disciplines.
Visit or contact us at to discuss opportunities for you.

For more information about Canon Production Printing, click here!

Prodrive Technologies

In close collaboration with our customers, we design and manufacture complex electronic and mechatronic solutions in-house, for which we are responsible for both the hardware and software. Products range from large power electronics devices to small automotive sensors. Our manufacturing facilities are highly flexible, and we produce many different products simultaneously optimizing for planning and logistics. We do everything ourselves, cover almost every imaginable market, and use the very latest process techniques, many of which we have developed ourselves. One of our main goals is to build a “lights-out-factory” that can manufacture products fully autonomously 24/7, without requiring any human intervention.

Our people are inspired by our unique culture, with a strong focus on the values equality, responsibility, and trust. From the first day at work, the input of each new employee is respected, and everyone is treated as equal. Instead of seniority, our criteria for responsibility are ability and ambition. We do not believe in tasks or junior roles. We encourage people to pitch new initiatives and we provide them with the freedom they need to realize their personal growth ambitions. Finally, we believe that people are inclined to live up to their potential most when they are stimulated by trust in their abilities.

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AppComm has been providing us, as our sponsor, with support for our website. The company, currently located in Tegelen, specializes in mobile apps, web shops, and custom web tools.
To give you an idea of what AppComm is like, we have an impression here:

Working at AppComm is working on diverse projects with a wide variety of clients and products. AppComm helps companies become one of tomorrow’s digital leaders. How do we do that? Together we devise and develop innovative solutions to make business processes more efficient and future-proof. Would you like to be part of this great company?

Using open-source platforms, we provide customization for our customers. After all, it’s all about their success. Working on projects that really add something to our client’s business. So every day you are an important spider on the web for – not only AppComm – but also leading companies in the region.

P.S. Did you know that several (ex) fellow students/members of ours are working at AppComm and/or have done an internship in the past?

For more information about AppComm, click here!

Come and work at HANOS!

Are you looking for a new job at our head office, in our distribution centres or at one of our branches? Click on the link below to view our vacancies. Is your ideal job not listed?

About HANOS.

HANOS was established in 1975 as a cash-and-carry wholesaler for Apeldoorn and the surrounding area. In 1980 the decision was made to expand the range of fresh fish, meat and fruit and vegetables (potatoes, vegetables and fruit), so that restaurant and hospitality entrepreneurs could do all their shopping under one roof, the so-called one-stop shopping. In 1982, HANOS also started with a delivery service and chose the course of an international catering wholesaler, because the demand for foreign fresh products increased explosively. Since 1989 HANOS has been importing wines from various wineries all over the world.

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Klup 77

Klup 77 is a cozy, nice old-fashioned brown pub with a solid nod to a sports bar with all the modern facilities, interactive music, TVs with sports channels, libre, and pool billiards. But not only that, but they also have pub games like poker, toepen, nailing, shot roulette, and more.

They have a lovely terrace with a lounge corner where you can spend summers.

They also have a wide selection of drinks, shots, and especially beers; they can draw from the 2,000 different beers of their sister company Beers & More 77.

They have attractive pub food with good value for money, something for everyone, from pizza to local dishes. Famous are the “mud-cooked” spare ribs, cooked for 2 hours in beer.

They organize many activities such as regular live music, DJ nights, beer tastings, visits to breweries, events and/or soccer games, treasure hunts, pub quizzes, and much more.

We as an association have discounts here now as well, for our advantages click and read here.

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Mifa Aluminium B.V.

Mifa in Venlo specialises in the production of aluminium extrusion profiles. We produce completely finished precision products with size tolerances from ± 0.02 mm. With this accuracy, we offer our customers unprecedented possibilities. Mifa currently has around the 330 employees. Our international high-tech working environment enables our employees to continue their development. The markets we supply are demanding markets such as automotive, aerospace, electronics and the medical industry.

It’s good to know that at Mifa you get every opportunity to develop yourself. We are happy to invest in you by offering courses and training. At Mifa, (technical) students and pupils also get the chance to further develop their talent. During their studies, we offer students and pupils the opportunity to become familiar with our field of expertise: aluminium technology and precision extrusion in particular. As an accredited training company, Mifa Aluminium offers various work experience placements for technical students at MBO and HBO level every semester. These include the mechanical engineering and technical business administration programmes.

Would you also like to work in an international high-tech environment and have an affinity with technology? Then take a look at our vacancies at

For more information about Mifa Aluminium, click here!

Brix housing

Brix Housing is the largest independent housing agency for students in the Venlo region. We guarantee excellent accommodation, at reliable landlords, against a fair price.

From our experience we know how hard it can be to find a nice student room or apartment. You have to deal with shady agents, awful accommodations, ridiculous prices and illegal extra fees.

Brix housing procedures are completely transparent and we refuse to work with memberships, absurd rental prices, hidden fees, waiting lists and special favors. Makes sense, right? We just call that: ‘Housing made simple’!

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Fontys Venlo

HAS green academy

Gemeente Venlo